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Liver Cancer Treatment

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There are two types of liver cancer, primary and secondary which is a metastasis of some other cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer go to the liver, as do many others.

The first case of breast cancer metastasized to the liver that we treated was in 2006. I told the patient we could take care of the breast cancer and the mets in the bones and lymphatics, but we could not treat the liver because light won't penetrate it.

A few weeks later she came back with a study showing that liver mets disappeared, due to the immune system, after treatment of the primaries.

To our surprise, that is indeed what happened with her. A few months after treating the primaries and the mets in the bones and lungs, her liver mets disappeared.

So with secondary liver cancer, treatment of the primaries can be expected to halt the progression of or even eliminate liver mets.

That leaves primary liver cancer. How can we treat it if the light will not penetrate the liver?

In most advanced cases there are tumors on or near the outside of the liver, and they are easy to reach with the laser. There is also the possibility of activating the immune system by killing liver cancer cells circulating in the blood and the lymphatics.

In both types of liver cancer we have two treatments which give immediate relief and stop growth and reduce the tumor sizes using safe nanoparticles which are delivered orally.

The first PDF below discusses something called bromopyruvate. This chemical makes it impossible for the cancer to feed itself.

You've probably heard of glycolysis, the conversion of sugar to energy through fermentation. That is how cancer produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is the basic food for the entire body. This molecule interferes with that, so it stops the cancer's energy production so there is no more replication and eventually the cells just die of starvation.

This has a stunning effect on cancer, but as used below it is unstable and has limited applications. In order to make it really useful we had to go beyond the current level of research and design a new molecule.

We have been using a highly modified version of this for over a year and see incredible results on all cancers, including liver cancer. Over the next days I will be adding information about our success with treating liver cancer using PDT on it's own, pdt with adjuvants and our expectations with the new molecules.



So the bottom line is yes, we can treat liver cancer both primary and secondary.

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