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I have had a rough couple of years and it was dragging me down in every way possible. I was depressed, having serious insomnia problems and failing in every way physically and mentally. In short, I was in deep trouble.  Tried drugs for sleeping and anxiety, no real solutions there.

Eventually I started going through every way I knew to sort myself out and turned to brainwave entrainment.  This allows one to change their overall thought patterns.  Essentially, the brain will fall in step with repeated stimuli which fall in it's capture range, so if you have a sound, light, electric shock, tapping etc that is at the alpha rhythm the brain will increase it's alpha levels which causes a relaxed, meditative state.  You can also increase the theta, beta or delta waves.  Most of these wavelengths are present to some degree at all times, it's just a matter of changing emphasis.

So what combination of wavelengths is optimal?  If you google maxwell cade awakened mind you will find there is a lot of research into the optimum ratio and wavelengths.  After years of research he wrote a treatise on "THE AWAKENED MIND" based on analyzing the type and amount of various wavelengths at the time of optimal mental functioning.  I used those wavelengths sequentially in each of the audio and video tracks.

How to set the brain is simple.  Audio and visual both work.  If you google brainwave entrainment you will find there is something called binaural waves which has been in use for a long time, and isochronic bursts which are newer and more powerful.

All of this is simple with the right software so controlling the mind is easy, but what about the body and spirit? For that I turned to what some might call eastern mysticism.  I imagine you have heard of chakras, but just in case I will give you a refresher course.
chakra chart

Hindu, bhuddist and other religions teach that the body has energy vortexes (the word chakra means wheel) which are related to various physical, emotional and spiritual functions.

Each chakra responds to a certain sound.

The chanting of tibetan monks, yoga teachings, the solfeggio tones and many other disciplines agree that this is important for physical emotional and spiritual health.

Many of the first tribes of the world use the same solfeggio tones, even though they never had contact in the beginning.

So, I decided to combine these three techniques, using isochronic tones shifting through the awakened mind ratios discovered by maxwell cade, and overlaying these on solfeggio tones to activate the chakras, and just to make it interesting I turned them into videos to aid in concentration.  If you understand the relationship between frequency and colour the videos are even more interesting.

How well does it work?  A lot better than any drugs I know of.  The very first day I put my sleeping back in  order, on the second day I rebalanced my relationship with chakra sounds for the fourth, or heart, chakra.  On the third day I activated my entire chakra chain and began to experience very heightened perception which gave me a "oh wow" reaction to the colours and events I have been ignoring daily for a long time.  My Seratonin and dopamine levels have skyrocketed, based on my personal perception of lucid dreaming, reduction of intention tremors and the hallucinations I experience when I wake in the night.

In short, it tuned up my mind, body and soul in just a few days.

I have loaded both simple sound files and videos.  If you have very limited bandwidth you may have to make do with just the sound files as the videos are around 28 megs each, but I  really recommend the videos.

Depending on how your browser is set up you may have to right click the links and select "save target as" to get these downloaded to your own computer.

aboriginal is a didgeridoo file, which interestingly corresponds exactly to the chakra frequencies used by tibetan monks and the solfeggio tones. The didgeridoo, played properly, is reputed to have physical mental and spiritual healing properties.  It's fascinating that these same frequencies are used by so many separate groups of people.

aboriginal audio      aboriginal video

Primal is a chant by tibetan monks to open the lower chakras

primal audio            primal video

The pineal gland is your third eye.  Check out youtube for the pineal gland is a stargate series.

pineal audio           pineal video

The crown chakra or 7th chakra is your connection to the infinite. You may find these cause a feeling of fullness in your head.

crown audio            crown video.

It seems the Native American flute is related to the solfeggio frequencies, at least for the lower chakras.  I Have not found any tracks which activate the crown chakra yet.  This video is different, not so hectic.  Even though this uses the same brainwave entrainment, it seems to have a profound sleep inducing effect.

Native American Audo    Native American Video

Binaural beats require headphones.  The isochronic beats I have used do not REQUIRE headphones, but you will find it all works better with headphones.  Volume is a personal decision, louder is going to have more imPDT, but don't give yourself a headache or make yourself deaf.

I listen to all four just before beadtime, starting with primal, then aboriginal, then pineal then crown.

Please take time in a week or two to let me know what changes you have seen in your life, and how often you listened to them each day.

The following are not modified with isochronic beats.  These are especially for a person who has suffered the loss of a loved one, but I think you will all find them healing.

A Moment of Peace           Lyrics

My Heat Will  go On          Lyrics

I hope these give you as much pleasure and fullfillment as they have me. Namaste.

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