Antibody changes in Cancer patients

The majority of normal human sera hemolyze sheep
erythrocytes in the presence of complement ("hemolyzers"),
whereas sera of the remaining population do not
lyze sheep erythroeytes C~nonhemolyzers"). The antibodies
responsible for this lytic activity are now identified
as being specific to Forssman (Fs) glycolipid, predominantly
of the IgM class, and only weakly crossreactive
with blood group A glycolipid. These conclusions
are based on the following observations: 1) "Hemolyzer"
sera produced complement-dependent lysis of
liposomes containing Fs glycoHpid, whereas "nonhemolyzer"
sera reacted very weakly with the same Fs liposomes;
the level of hemolytic activity generally paralleled
the reactivity of the sera with Fs liposomes. 2)
Human "anti-Fs" did not cross-react with liposomes contalning
either globoside, the precursor to Fs, or blood
group A glycolipid. 3) The complement-dependent hemolysis
of sheep erythrocytes by hemolyzer sera was
specifically inhibited by Fs liposomes but not by either
A- or globoside liposomes. 4) In five of six cases tested,
hemolysin activity was present in the IgM fraction but
not the IgG fraction, whereas in the remaining case the
activity was present in the IgG fraction.
We have previously described the presence

Alternative Cancer Treatment Research papers

Alternative cancer treatment options A quick overview of the main theories about alternative cancer treatment with diet, vitamins, antioxidants and many others. Which alternative cancer treatment options work the best, what to avoid, which alternative cancer treatment options are completely worthless, which alternative cancer treatment options can actually kill you!

Photodynamic Therapy for Leukemia This link goes into detail on leukemia treated with photodynamic therapy. Leukemia is one of those nasty cancers that attacks children and conventional leukemia treatments just cause suffering with little to no hope of long term survival. Alternative cancer treatment for leukemia increases the odds of success and brings real hope to leukemia patients.

Alternative Treatment for Lung Cancer Provides details on a few past treatments of lung cancer with photodynamic therapy. Lung cancer responds well to photodynamic therapy, even when there are lung cancer mets in the bones, lung cancer mets in the brain and conventional medicine has completely given up on you, it is possible to recover completely from lung cancer with alternative treatments. Lung cancer requires several adjuvants, four of which are only available from us. We always have good success with Lung cancer using our alternative cancer treatment.

Treating Colon Cancer successfully Reports on past colon cancer treatments with Photodynamic Therapy. Colon cancer often goes to the inside wall of the abdomen, and in that case conventional treatment for colon cancer has already lost the battle. Colon cancer also likes to go the the liver, and conventional treatment for liver mets is hopeless, that is when honest oncologists admit there is nothing they can do for you. We can treat liver mets with a harmless drink more effectively than conventional treatment, and our success rate with colon cancer is much higher than conventional treatment could even dream of.

Breast Cancer treatments What to avoid in breast cancer pre-care, if at all possible. What is the role of photodynamic therapy in breast cancer? How to best detect breast cancer, which breast cancer detection programs are dangerous, which breast cancer detection systems are most reliable. Does alternative treatment for breast cancer work? What side effects are there for alternative breast cancer treatment?

Prostate Cancer When to consider treating prostate cancer and what NOT to do. Fantastic rapid response of prostate cancer to photodynamic therapy. Visit this link for a video from a patient who had prostate cancer for 16 years and tried all other alternatives to no avail, but his prostate was returned to normal four days after photodynamic therapy for prostate cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer is difficult to beat, but not impossible. Statistically conventional treatment has essentially zero percent success, but some alternatives do okay. Pancreatic cancer treatment with chemotherapy does not improve survival time at all. What Alternative pancreatic cancer treatments work, how they work and how much benefit is there to alternative pancreatic cancer treatment.

Cancer Therapy General observations on cancer treatment success. We go into detail on this page about how to sort out which type of photodynamic therapy has the best chance of success, and we discuss the sensitizers used on alternative cancer therapy. The sensitizer is 90% of the battle, and we clearly have the best sensitizer for alternative cancer therapy.

Cure Cancer Is it even possible to cure cancer? How do we define a cancer cure? The FDA comes down hard on anyone that even uses the words cure and cancer in the same paragraph, but that is because conventional cancer treatment does not cure cancer, in fact it propogates cancer and makes it worse.

Osteosarcoma Osteosarcoma, like leukemia, is one of those nasty diseases that attacks our children and steals their childhood. Osteosarcoma does not respond to surgery, it is just a patch to buy time but it actually spreads the osteosarcoma. Chemotherapy does not work with osteosarcoma if it is even slightly advanced. Fortunately, osteosarcoma can be beaten with alternative cancer treatment.

Liver Cancer Some liver cancer actually originates in the liver, that is the primary site. Most liver cancer is metastatic cancer, originating in other parts of the body. In either case, alternative treatment is far safer for liver cancer, because the liver specializes in removing toxins from the body, and nothing is more toxic than chemotherapy. Liver cancer can be treated with alternative treatments including activating the immune system against it by killing the primary site, and we can also treat it with stunningly effective alternative treatments using safe medications that you drink, with no side effects.

Brain cancer  Brain cancer can originate in the brain like the super deadly glioblastoma, or it can be metastatic having come from lung cancer or prostate cancer or breast cance.. essentially any cancer can migrate to the brain like it migrates anywhere else. The metastatic tumors can be killed with alternative cancer treatment just like the primary tumors. Glioblastoma is another thing altogether, far more difficult to kill but we can manage it using some very special medications only we have.

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