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The definitive treatment for brain cancer is PDT. (see the pdf at the bottom of this page)

However, we have recently developed some stunningly effective medications which have produced complete remission in the first patient we tried them on. (See video to the right)

This patient was unable to eat, could not see, could not stand or walk and had excruciating headaches before treatment.

Three days after treatment she was out shopping with her friends and one year later is totally symptom free. This will be our beginning protocol from now on, followed by PDT to set up the immune response.

The reason Gioblastoma Multiforme is so difficult to kill and NEVER responds to chemo or radiation is because it has virtually zero oxygen in it, but there are ways of dealing with that which only we use.

There is a chemical which is made by the human body, but not in enough concentration to work. When we add that to the treatment, it makes the PDT several hundred times more effective.

There are three very informative pdf's embedded here which are VITAL information for anyone suffering from brain cancer.

The set of photos below are before and after of an astrocytoma glioma patient treated with photodynamic therapy alone, none of the current adjuvants were included at that time. The pictures on the left are before, right pictures are after at about the same position in the brain.




brain scan 1 before
brain scan 1 after
brain scan 2 before
brain scan 2 after
brain scan 3 before
brain scan 3 after

As you can see, there is a stunning remission of this very difficult to treat cancer with only PDT. The adjuvants we recently started using are also extremely powerful so we expect the combination to be nothing short of a miracle cure for all brain cancer.The most amazing thing happened when we cured this patient.  His doctor, the head of oncology at a major Australian hospital, became very angry with us and went to the head of all the local hospitals and had them tell their doctors if they co-operated with us they would lose their jobs.Why?  He knew we had put an impossible to cure brain cancer into remission and it was his patient.  Shouldn't he be thankful?  On the contrary, a few days after the scan was done he called the patient, his wife and his brother to his office.  They came to me crying afterwards, and said he had spent two hours SCREAMING at the patient, pointing his finger at hiim and shouting over and over "you are a stage four cancer patient, you are terminal, you are going to die!!"

Oncologists can not afford to have their patients cured, it is a danger to their income.The PDF below discusses something called bromopyruvate. This chemical stops the cancer food manufacture.

You've probably heard of glycolysis, the conversion of sugar to energy through fermentation. That is how cancer produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the basic food for all cells.

The molecule discussed in the pdf below interferes with that only in the cancer, so it stops the cancer's energy production and replication stops so eventually the cells just die of starvation.This has a stunning effect on cancer, but as used below it is unstable and not as powerful as it could be.

In order to make it really useful we had to go beyond the current design and create a new molecule. According to basal metabolism tests, our version of this molecule is over 2000 times more powerful than the material discussed below.We have been using a highly modified version of this for over a year and see incredible results on all cancers, including brain cancer.

The small green curve on the chart below is the result of the first modification of 3BP and it is about 50 times more powerful than the original molecule discussed below. Our latest version is over 400 times more powerful, so it is about 2000 times stronger than the molecule in the pdf below.



The next PDF file below discusses something called chitosan nanoparticles. These are made from food substances, chitosan is in ice cream and yoghurt to increase thickness, and the other chemical used is a natural meat preservative. This has a profound effect on all cancer but was originally studied in liver cancer. Current research has extended to many types of cancer and it is effective for all of them..

We have been using this for 4 years now, it has zero side effects but kills cancer like nothing else in the world. This had a very strong kill rate against brain cancer but we have modified the formula and the dosage to give a ten times improvement.

In the pdf below you can see before and after pictures and get comparisons of kill rates with this molecule alone as compared to chemotherapy.



So far we are just discussing brain tumors which start in the brain.  Later we will discuss brain cancer that has metastasized from other types of cancer.

Most cancer will eventually make it's way to the brain, but they are relatively easy to deal with, at least using our advanced cancer treatment.

The most difficult are the ones that START in the brain, of which glioblastoma multiforme is the most deadly, killing in a matter of months.

Many years ago a program was started to deal with this deadly form of brain cancer using a very crude form of PDT (photodynamic therapy).

Two enterprising doctors at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia got tired of watching brain cancer patients die on the same schedule, with or without surgery or chemo or radiation, so they decided to try something new.

They used the only photosensitizer approved at that time to treat the surgical cavity left after debulking brain cancer tumors.

Their results were stunning, the most effective brain cancer treatment known to man at that time.  They got long term survival for about 50% of these patients, who usually have a 90% plus death rate in less than a year.

Remember, they were using the worlds worst sensitizer and still got these brilliant results.

I called RMH to ask about this and everyone vehemently denied that any such thing had ever happened.  The head of the hospital, the head of oncology, the head of surgery all said it was an outright lie and they would never be involved with anything so out of line with conventional treatment.

Then I found the paper below and eventually contacted one of the authors.  He asked me what sensitizer I was using, and when I told him he said he always knew that would be the best one but they could not get it refined to the proper purity.

So why was the hospital so vicious about denying this had happened, and more importantly why was it not put into immediate use to save lifes?

In my opinion, the most likely reason is the same as with all cancer treatment, money.  They make many times more money on chemotherapy surgery and radiation than they could on PDT, so they are out to stop photodynamic therapy whenever they can.



 Leaving primary brain cancer for a moment, let's discuss secondary brain tumors.  Most oncologists will readily admit that chemo is worthless in the brain, and it is common knowledge that radiation only slows cancer down for a short while, it does not stop it.  So with conventional treatment for metastatic brain cancer the only thing that leaves is surgery, and while surgery can be used to debulk brain cancer, it inevitably spreads it even faster. It was already on the move being a metastasis, but the surgery depresses the immune system. Surgery Promotes Cancer

In the photo below you see on the left a brain scan of a lung tumor patient.  I have thousands of images of his brain before treatment and at 3 month intervals after treatment. We discuss this patient on the lung cancer page and describe his problems and almost immediate recovery.


Metastatic brain cancer from lung

Brain metastases of any kind of cancer are difficult or impossible to treat with chemo or radiation. The scans above were from a patient with over 200 lung cancer tumors in his brain. He had multiple courses of chemo and radiation which left him in this state and he was told he had weeks to live.   The remaining bright spots on the right were healing flares, the immune system cleaning up the remaining cancer.  This patient had enduring complete remission shown after multiple follow up CT scans.

The oncologist just put on his report there were too many brain cancer tumors to count and they gave him weeks to live, but we treated his brain from the outside using photodynamic therapy and got a complete enduring remission.

This patient died years later from an infection he picked up in Thailand, but he enjoyed the balance of his life in complete remission from the lung cancer, brain cancer mets and bone cancer mets.

There is another technique to kill Glioblastoma involving the use of a very special frequency of ultrasound. We have been using this special frequency device for two years now and it has proven to be very effective.

Please do NOT confuse this with the so called sonophotodynamic therapy. Sonophotodynamic therapy does not work and even the ultrasound they use is the wrong frequency.

This test was done with the correct frequency but without the special adjuvant which makes it even more powerful, because it generates H2O2 inside the cancer cell.

The incorrect frequency used by others does not penetrate into the skull, most of the energy bounces off the bone.

Our devices penetrate to the center of the brain with no problems and we can control the power and time to give a gentle apoptotic kill instead of necrosis.

This is just one more very powerful technique we use to make sure we get a complete kill of glioblastoma and other brain cancers.

We use this as a backup to the photodynamic therapy and the use of the special chemicals.

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