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Osteosarcoma is another one of the particularly nasty cancers because, like leukemia, it tends to attack children and nobody should have to watch their child die of cancer.

So what can be done about it? Osteosarcoma, like all cancer, responds better to alternative cancer therapy than conventional treatment. My heart goes out to parents of children with osteosarcoma, because I know that 99.9% of them are in the grips of the conventional medical system, and I know they have an abysmal record of failure with all cancer, especially osteosarcoma.

When you or your child is diagnosed with osteosarcoma, the first thing they do is surgery. They never consider alternative cancer treatment, because there is no money in it. So first surgery, and how does that work out? I have two stories that will illustrate my point.

About six years ago there were two children who had osteosarcoma at about the same time, one a young girl with osteosarcoma in England, the other a young boy with osteosarcoma in Australia. The Australia medical community made a big deal of their patient and there were several news articles about him and how they were going to "cure" his osteosarcoma . First they said they were going to surgically remove the osteosarcoma from the bone, and that would save his life. Unfortunately, a few months later osteosarcoma had spread up his arm, and there was another TV news show with the surgeon using a black marking pencil to draw a dotted line around his arm above the new larger osteosarcoma tumor. He proudly announced they were going to cut the young mans arm off above the osteosarcoma, and it would save his life. A few months later he was on the news again, the osteosarcoma was in his lungs and all over his body and he had months to live before dying an agonizing death.

About a year before this, the girl in England got the same osteosarcoma diagnosis.. the surgeon started drawing lines around her arm and she said "Daddy, don't let them cut my arm off because then I won't be able to hug you". Her father started researching alternative treatments for osteosarcoma, avoiding the conventional treatment, until he found out about Photodynamic Therapy used for osteosarcoma. The only treatment available there was chlorin e6, which is VASTLY INFERIOR to our treatment, but none the less it worked, the osteosarcoma was stopped in it's tracks and he went on a campaign to get Photodynamic therapy approved for conventional treatment in England.

So why did they have such a horrible failure in Australia, and the English girl is still alive many years later, with no scars, no amputations, no damage to her immune system from chemotherapy? Simple, when they first diagnose this they like to pretend osteosarcoma is just located in that one tumor in the bone.

This is absolute rubbish, borne of ignorance and desperation. By the time osteosarcoma is diagnosed in the bone, osteosarcoma cells have already been circulating throughout the body by way of the lymphatic system and the blood for months. The osteosarcoma is not just in the bone, it is already everywhere, just waiting to get strong enough to pop up in another site or sites.

So is there a way to save the life of an osteosarcoma patient? Yes, thankfully there is! The osteosarcoma patient is always better off with alternative treatment, and there are several that will slow it down but very few that will actually put an end to it throughout the body. As I said, at the time of diagnosis it is all over the body, like all cancer, so the ONLY way to defeat it totally is to arm the immune system against it and there is only one way I know of to do that reliable.

The only real solution is PDT, but it cannot be done with any old PDT. Osteosarcoma, like most cancers, requires a system that allows the light to penetrate deep into the body and most photodynamic therapies simply can not do that. Our fourth generation sensitizer, using a nanomolecule as a carrier, will concentrate in the osteosarcoma with minimal penetration into healthy tissue.

It doesn't make any difference whether the osteosarcoma is in the main tumor, or just a few cells here and there in the blood and the lymphatic system, or if there are many small osteosarcoma tumors which are too small to be detected by CT scans. Wherever the light hits the cells, the osteosarcoma is killed, but more importantly it is forced to give up its genetic code in a way that makes the immune system recognize the osteosarcoma as an enemy, then the immune system will track down every osteosarcoma cell in the body and take them out one by one.

Osteosarcoma tumors, even the ones too small to be detected by CT scans, will be surrounded by an army of immune cells doing battle with the osteosarcoma.

This process is known as inflammation.

Osteosarcoma is very difficult to treat, we have lost two patients to that type of cancer, but we know why and have taken steps to improve the treatment dramatically


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