Alternative cancer treatment with the only 4th generation photodynamic therapy

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a lonely journey, but with the right help the outcome can be better than you have been told.

We can put you on a successful path to a happy ending. We can get you out of the wheelchair and back on your feet most of the time even if you have been told there is no hope.

We have success where everyone else fails, so take time to get to know us and what we can do.

You're here to research what alternative treatment works for cancer, right? THIS IS NOT SIMPLE, you will have to dedicate some time to studying alternative treatment. Get a beverage and settle in for a bit of a read, you will not find the right alternative treatment without dedicating time.

The good news is it will not be wasted time, we have alternative treatments that can save patients and improve their quality of life rapidly. Help is at hand, we can do things that conventional medicine can not so stick with us. Stay focused on finding the right alternative treatment.

If you or a loved one have cancer, you have entered the confusing world of alternative cancer treatment. It takes years to sort it out, but I will provide information regarding various alternative cancer treatment options to start with and we discuss which are the most effective cancer treatment alternatives including diets, vitamins, herbs and other alternatives.

First we need to address the issue of conventional treatment. Does it work at all? In ideal circumstances in the earliest of cancer, you can sometimes get temporary remission, but it almost always comes back and when it comes back it is worse and more deadly than before, because Chemotherapy actually makes cancer more aggressive.

cancer treatment chemo

Is there hope of success with alternative cancer treatment? YES, excellent response rates with virtually zero side effects, so don't give up read on! There is almost certainly an alternative cancer treatment which will work for you.

There are many opinions about cancer, but as a patient or a patient supporter, it is your job to sort out the truth from the lies about alternative cancer treatment and that is NOT easy. Many advocates recommend an alternative cancer treatment they believe in, but that doesn't mean it will work. One alternative may work for one patient, and it may take another alternative for a different patient.

Nearly all patients are diagnosed by their doctor, so he/she is the first to tell them what to do and doctors seldom recommend alternative treatment. If you are in the hands of a conventional doctor they will recite the litagy, Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation, then palliative care while you die. Conventional doctors will not discuss alternative cancer treatment. Alternative treatment is their worst enemy, because it takes money out of their pockets and they are ALL about money, not finding the best alternative or the best treatment for the patient.

Most patients feel their only chance to survive cancer is conventional treatment, because that is what their DOCTOR said. If you do your research you will find that the best chance of survival almost always lies with an alternative cancer treatment.

Take responsibility for basic research, because what your doctor told you is WRONG, alternative treatment is usually better than conventional. You need to study alternative cancer treatments very carefully because there are many alternative treatments and only a few are really good. Many alternative cancer treatments are not really good.

When it comes to cancer treatment you have to understand it is mostly driven by BIG money via the pharmaceutical industry, the hospitals and the doctors and they will do anything to drain as much money out of each patient as they can. They will never suggest an alternative cancer treatment, and if you ask about alternative treatment they will usually say "it is unproven", in spite of the fact that most have never studied any alternative cancer treatment.

I'm sorry if this viewpoint makes you uncomfortable, but it is the raw truth. I have been in medical research for 43 years in many countries on the conventional treatment side of this industry and then on the outside developing alternative treatment and being attacked by them for 9 years, and I know what I am talking about. They insist that if you take any sort of alternative treatment they will stop treating you.

We are currently treating a patient who was looking at alternative cancer treatment for her son, and the hospital in Australia told her if she did not submit him to chemotherapy they would go to court and make him a ward of the state and THEN do chemotherapy. They did this in spite of the fact that chemotherapy NEVER helps his particular disease, and they did it in violation of the Australian Medical Association standard of ethics, which require all doctors to honor the patients decisions and to allow them to make their own choices.

She had no choice so she gave in and they essentially destroyed her son, he lost 20% of his body weight, his blood platelets went dangerously low and his immune system was destroyed and he lost the ability to walk or control his bodily functions.

Eventually she fled the country to undertake alternative cancer treatment. Within four days he was back on his feet and in six days he was pushing his mom around in the wheel chair he arrived in. We obviously have dramatic remission, he is gaining weight rapidly (2.7 kilos in 3 days). Can we get complete permanent remission? We don't know, but we hope to as we are using every effective alternative cancer treatment.

His condition has a zero cure rate, but we treated angiosarcoma which is also a zero cure rate and got complete remission, so we think we have at least a 90% chance. Once again, conventional treatment fails and destroys the body and alternative cancer treatment comes to the rescue at the very last minute to pick up the pieces.

Update.. the rhabdomyosarcoma patient left 3 days ago. He had gained about 5 kilos in 8 days, all tests indicate full remission and we turned him over to an excellent alternative cancer treatment specialist in Australia. Anyone who is not willing or able to come here for treatment should speak to this man. I will not publish his name here but you can email me for information if you are in trouble.

Now I'm going to get on my soap box, because this NEEDS to be addressed. The activity of the hospital who threatened this woman in order to poison her son is criminal and it needs to be stopped immediately.

They forced her to submit her son for a damaging poison which is known to never work and they should be in jail for it. Hospitals and doctors do NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to interfere in a family, and any doctor or hospital who tries it needs to lose their license and go to jail. They do not have an effective treatment, let alone the ONLY treatment and they must be resisted at all times.

READ THIS STORY This young man at the age of 16 left his home to avoid chemotherapy, which left the hospital chasing him around the USA with the aid of stupid law enforcement agencies so they could continue to poison him. He had lymphoma which has the best success rate with chemo, but even so it is at best 48% effective for a short term and always comes back. Billy Best is alive and healthy 16 years after taking matters into his own hands, something the hospitals can not give anyone.


Conventional cancer treatment involves deception, cover ups and outright lies, driven by greed. Alternative cancer treatment, on the other hand, is always less expensive and usually more successful if you pick the RIGHT alternative. Please be aware, there are many alternative cancer treatments offered which are outright fraud, or only slightly effective, and only in very early cases.

I know, this is depressing but DON'T GIVE UP. There are alternatives, many of which are very successful and far less expensive! Alternative cancer treatment can be genuine, but be very careful because some alternative cancer treatment is only helpful in the early stages if everything else is perfect. Most alternative cancer treatment will fail in advanced cancer, but not all. Our alternative treatment has a very good success record, I believe it is the best in the world.

Alternative cancer treatment must take into consideration MANY factors. This is where conventional cancer treatment fails completely. Cancer treatment in the hands of an oncologist always destroys the immune system, damages the kidneys and liver, spreads the cancer and eventually consigns the patient to suffering and death 97% of the time.

Alternative cancer treatment uses support mechanisms, including diet, vitamins and other remedies backed by hard science, if you are following the RIGHT alternative.

At all times we focus on how alternative cancer treatment affects the immune system. If you do not activate the immune defenses against cancer, the cancer will win in the end.

You must read this discussion on your alternatives as a starting primer. Alternative cancer treatment options If you are not a biomedical research professional, this information will save you years of research.

Let me explain our name.  Cyto is Greek for cell, and Luminator is for the lasers which illuminate the normal and cancer cells.   This process, known as photodynamic therapy, is a rapidly growing alternative cancer treatment.

Photodynamic therapy is an advanced alternative cancer treatment which is capable of treating nearly all disease including cancer much more effectively than conventional medicine. Conventional medicine has a very low success at treating advanced cancer compared to alternative treatment because it suppresses the immune system, but alternative cancer treatment with photodynamic therapy treats cancer very effectively by activating the immune system.

Activating the immune system is the most important aspect of treating cancer. Other Alternative Treatments focus on activating the immune system, which is easy to do, but unless the body knows that the cancer is an enemy, the immune system does not attack. Activating the immune system by itself is not an effective alternative cancer treatment.

Photodynamic therapy is the best alternative cancer treatment to do this, because it alone is capable of breaking down the RNA of the cancer and exposing the antigens. Other alternative cancer treatments, while they activate the immune system, do not make the immune system attack the cancer. Photodynamic therapy destroys large tumors in a few days.

The alternative cancer treatment known as photodynamic therapy is the biggest breakthrough in medicine over the last hundred years.  In addition to being a very effective alternative cancer treatment, photodynamic therapy makes it possible to treat many diseases untreatable with conventional medicine.

It is amazing to find an alternative treatment which is effective for treating cancer, autoimmune diseases, bacteria and viral disease with the same chemicals and equipment.  It is even more amazing that photodynamic therapy which is so deadly to cancer is harmless to normal tissue, unlike chemo and radiation which damage normal tissue as much as they attack cancer. Photodynamic therapy activates the immune system to attack cancer, and this is the ONLY way complete cancer remission can be maintained. If the cancer is not recognized by the immune system, it will not be controlled. Conventional cancer treatment damages the immune system.

Of all of the alternative cancer treatment options available, Photodynamic therapy should always be used, but only if it is the right photodynamic therapy. There are alternative cancer treatments which can be used with photodynamic therapy to treat cancer. If you are researching cancer treatment, this site will provide more information on cancer treatment alternatives than you could find in years.

I have spent 9 years, 12 hours a day six days a week researching this and I have gone through 30,000 research papers on cancer treatment, both conventional cancer treatment and alternative cancer treatment, with a main focus on photodynamic therapy. I am sharing the key points of these years of research to make your journey as easy as possible and increase the possibility of finding the best alternative cancer treatment.

Alternative cancer treatment options A quick overview of the main theories about alternative cancer treatment with diet, vitamins, antioxidants and many others.

Photodynamic Therapy for Leukemia This link goes into detail on leukemia treated with photodynamic therapy.

Alternative Treatment for Lung Cancer Provides details on a few past treatments of lung cancer with photodynamic therapy.

Treating Colon Cancer successfully Reports on past colon cancer treatments with Photodynamic Therapy.

Breast Cancer treatments What to avoid in breast cancer pre-care, if at all possible. What is the role of photodynamic therapy in breast cancer?

Prostate Cancer When to consider treating prostate cancer and what NOT to do. Fantastic rapid response of prostate cancer to photodynamic therapy.

Pancreatic Cancer is difficult to beat, but not impossible. Statistically conventional treatment has essentially zero percent success, but some alternatives do okay.

Cancer Therapy General observations on cancer treatment success. We go into detail on this page about how to sort out which type of photodynamic therapy has the best chance of success, and we discuss the sensitizers used on alternative cancer therapy. The sensitizer is 90% of the battle, and we clearly have the best sensitizer for alternative cancer therapy.

Cure Cancer Is it even possible to cure cancer? How do we define a cancer cure?

Osteosarcoma Osteosarcoma does not respond to surgery, it is just a patch to buy time but it actually spreads the osteosarcoma. Chemotherapy does not work with osteosarcoma if it is even slightly advanced. Fortunately, osteosarcoma can be beaten with alternative cancer treatment.

Let's give the naysayers of alternative cancer treatment a chance to speak their piece, but remember at all times they are PAID by BIG PHARMA to try to shut down anything that the pharmaceutical industry does not make a profit from.

First lets have a look at what the US FDA site has to say.

US FDA fake treatments On this page they attack many alternative cancer treatments. Don't forget, they are paid by the pharmaceutical industry. Having said that, I agree with most of the things they mention, they are of little or no worth. One exception is the cesium potassium protocol. It is actually very powerful, but also dangerous. Can be lethal in minutes if you make a mistake, so as an alternative cancer treatment it is worth looking at, but be VERY careful, preferably only do it under a doctors care if you can find a doctor who will work with an alternative cancer treatment. Many people die if they use Cesium for alternative cancer treatment, it can kill in hours.

The same can be said of the black salve or bloodroot. I have had patients who made that mistake and paid dearly, they had bleeding troughs cut into their healthy tissue. Battery acid might be just as good if you don't mind dissolving. It would be the very last alternative cancer treatment I would consider for myself.

Good info here they never discuss alternative cancer treatment, but you can sign up and get weekly email updates on the INSIDE story about conventional treatment. They reveal things your doctor will never ever admit, like the very poor results from most of the conventional treatment. When you sign up you have to say what your profession is, if you are taking care of a patient including yourself it is reasonable to say you are in health care. Then sign up for oncology and wait for the truth to be revealed. Don't expect any information on alternative cancer treatment from this website.

One of my favorite sites They are still driven by the pharmaceutical industry, but the Canadian group at least doesn't say everyone else is a fraud or a quack. Of course they don't actually recommend any alternative cancer treatment and they say that all alternative cancer treatment is unproven, but that is their job after all, to discredit everyone except for allopathic doctors.

cancer survival statistics The bottom line truth, from an official website. Cancer survival with chemo is 2.1%. Think about it, if you follow your oncologists advice instead of looking at alternative cancer treatment options, there is over 97% probability that you will die from that mistake. Look at alternatives, do NOT discuss alternative cancer treatment with an oncologist. If an oncologist insists on a particular treatment demand to see at least three independent papers that give the probability of being alive ten years after you let them do it to you.

Comments about conventional treatment This is a youtube video that talks about conventional cancer treatment from the point of view of some of the most reputable people in the world. If you think conventional treatment works you will NOT like this video.

US Government list of photodynamic therapy trials Just to give you an idea of how important photodynamic therapy is for cancer treatment, in addition to being already approved for several types of cancer in the US, at this time there are 322 trials for photodynamic therapy.

Now that you know this, if you are talking to a cancer doctor and he says photodynamic therapy is unproven or alternative cancer treatments are unproven you will know that doctor is ignorant about alternative cancer treatments, or he is just trying to promote conventional cancer treatment.

Before you rush off and make a decision about alternative cancer treatment with photodynamic therapy STOP and LEARN! Most photodynamic therapy for cancer treatment is only useful on the surface of the skin!! There are very few who can treat cancer deep in the body. Read the cancer therapy page linked above and watch out who you choose for alternative cancer treatment with photodynamic therapy. The biggest most advertised group offering alternative cancer treatment with photodynamic therapy are actually worthless, so take the time to read the cancer therapy link before you make a mistake.

For an alternative view on the cause of cancer, click here
If you are doing research there are over 1,000 technical papers here

If you prefer direct youtube viewing you can use the links below for an educational series on fourth generation PDT, or you can click on the embedded files under the direct links

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